WATCH: Bear Attacks Reindeer Christmas Decorations Outside Florida Home

Photo: Getty Images

The bears are striking again in Florida, but instead of stealing people's food, they're taking down reindeer-shaped Christmas decorations. New York Post obtained surveillance footage of the one-sided smackdown happening outside EJ Elvin's house in Longwood around 3:42 a.m. Thursday (December 7).

The video begins with the curious creature sniffing one of the bigger reindeer before effortlessly knocking it over, crushing the twinkling creation under its paw. The large bear then moves on to its next victim, a lit-up calf that was taken down with ease. The bear then grabs the defeated decor and drags it into the dark woods.

No word on what Elvin plans to do after the hulking predator took off with his holiday ornaments.

This isn't new for most Florida residents since they have to deal with bears regularly passing by their property. Encounters like what happened to Elvin's twinkling reindeer are rare.

Several families have shared hilarious and heart-pumping videos of bears doing wild things, from stealing Uber Eats orders to raiding fridges for While Claws. Earlier this year, one woman came face-to-face with a bear, and it left her terrified.

Bears can also appear when people least expect it. Footage caught the moment a black bear randomly runs out of the ocean at a beach, sending visitors running.

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