There are two sides to stories and one side to facts. That's Brian's mantra and what drives him to get beyond the headlines with daily stories driven by his relentless pursuit of the truth. From South Florida's News that Impacts You, to his Top Three Takeaways, and the Q&A of the Day - you'll discover not just what's in the news but the truth as only Brian presents it.

Brian's love for talk radio began on a spring day in the late 80s when he was looking for a Braves game on the radio and stumbled upon Rush Limbaugh instead. His love for investing was much more intentional as his father taught him how to begin investing in the stock market as a kid. Those two passions led to Brian starting his career in radio with iHeart Savannah at the age of 17, hosting his first show at 18, and co-founding the first of two companies that same year. A water bug by nature, and with a love for the beach and all its creatures, iHeart brought Brian home to South Florida in 2005, where he fell in love with South Florida and his "wonderful and talented" wife Ashley.

Brian hosts the morning show on WJNO in West Palm Beach. He also is a guest host for Mark Levin and Sean Hannity and is often seen on the BBC Networks, Fox News, NewsNation, and Newsmax TV. When not working, he can be found with his wife Ashley, their Maine Coons Button and Piper, and a bottle of wine by the water.