Sylvester Stallone & Wife Moving To Florida As Full-Time Residents

Rendez-vous With Sylvester Stallone & Rambo V: Last Blood - The 72nd Annual Cannes Film Festival

Photo: Getty Images Europe

The actor who made "Rocky" and "Rambo" household names is making it official...he's becoming a full-time Florida resident.

Sylvester Stallone on the reality series "The Family Stallone" announced last week that he and his wife have decided to move from California permanently to Florida.

Sly and his wife Jennifer have owned a home in Palm Beach since late 2020, when they paid over 35 million dollars for an estate on the ocean, but the home was not listed as the couple's primary home on the Palm Beach tax rolls.

Stallone has strong ties to Florida. His late father lived in the equestrian village of Wellington, also in Palm Beach County, he owned a waterfront home in Miami in the 90s and even took acting classes at the University of Miami.

The Stallones have already gotten a warm welcome. First Lady Casey DeSantis Tweeted on Friday 'welcome to the Free State of Florida.'

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